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5 x 5 Project at Abend Gallery

  • Abend Gallery 1412 Wazee Street Denver, CO, 80202 United States (map)

The 5 x 5 Project is just as it seems. Artists submit paintings on 5” x 5'‘ wood panels to be juried. If you are lucky enough to be in Denver for the show, you’ll see a wide variety of these teeny tiny paintings. Everyone has room for original art at this scale!

I thoroughly enjoyed working on these small portraits- the smallest I’ve ever done. However, keep in mind while shopping, these don’t necessarily take less time than a much larger painting; in fact, sometimes more! See below


June 8th - July 6th

Opening reception: Saturday, June 8th, 6-8pm

The 5x5 Project started as a celebration of the Mini Show's 25th Anniversary, wherein we invited our gallery artists to each paint works on unframed cradleboard panels. Because of its great success and popularity, the 5x5 Project has become an ongoing, year-round fixture of the gallery.

Participating Artists:

Zoa Ace, Linda Adair, Daliah Ammar, Joanna Barnum, Kelly Birkenruth, Raymond Bonilla, Linda Tracey Brandon, Samantha Buller, Adam Burke, Morgan Cameron, Jeremy Caniglia, Todd Carpenter, Phoenix Chan, Jon Ching, Hilary Clarcq, Michelle Condrat, Shaina Craft, David Cunningham, Stacy D'Aguiar, Robin Damore, John Darley, Judith Dickinson, Jon Doran, Riley Doyle, Matthew Alfonso Durante, Shannon Fannin, Jessica Fife, Mary Flack, Nanci France-Vaz, Vinka Gašparuš, Donato Giancola, Thane Gorek, Stephanie Hartshorn , Mark Heine, Cody Jimenez, Marshall Jones, David Kammerzell, Shawn Krueger, Joshua Lawyer, MJ Lindo, Rachel Linnemeier, Junyi Liu, Ellen Starr Lyon, Luke Mack, Trey McCarley, Maria Mijares, Ann Moeller Steverson, Kevin Moore, Ryan Morse, Josie Morway, Ricardo Jose Mujica, Karen Offutt, Rhea O'Neill, Gage Opdenbrouw, Fikriye Oz, Sandra Pratt, Norberto Ramirez, Rob Rey, Erin Ruffino, Scott Ruthven, Rachel Sard, Kirsten Savage, Viktoria Savenkova, O'Neil Scott, Brian Sostrom, JC Spock, Clyde Steadman, Victoria Steel, Shawn Sullivan, Sybiline, Matt Talbert, John Wentz, Daniela Werneck, Justin Wheatley, Zane York, Kierstin Young, Zack Zdrale, Kaitlin Zeismer,

See how small they are?!

See how small they are?!