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Artist Self- Portraits- March/April issue of Fine Art Connoisseur

If you follow me at all, you know that self-portraits are my thing. I have always done them, and can’t imagine otherwise. Beyond the fact that me, myself and I are ever available to pose, I believe self-portraits are a treasure chest of story and emotion. Because I know my expressions intimately, if I have a desire to depict some specific feeling, I know it when I see it and feel it- there is no separation or guesswork. Also, with a self-portrait I have complete freedom, without the pressure to please someone else.

Self-portraits are something I keep returning to in my work. They allow me to speak about important issues concerning being a wife/mother/woman with first hand knowledge of the model. It also allows me to capture fleeting affects of light on form with a model that is always with me. 

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