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Sphere of Influence- Solo Exhibition

  • Blueline Gallery 212 West 4th Street Bloomington, IN, 47404 United States (map)

Please join me during the August 3rd Gallery Walk for the opening reception of my solo show, Sphere of Influence. How often do you consider your personal sphere of influence? It exists to varying levels in all our relationships. Becoming a parent has caused me to examine this much more often. Sometimes I am able to see the positive and negative effects of that influence but also to see how it works both ways.  In adult relationships, this effect often is heightened with time but in parenting, it seems to ebb and flow. I'm not offering answers in my work but rather offering another view to consider.

The thoughts behind the work this show is named for: (image used to promote this post) Due to the destruction and hate promoted by our president and cowardly Republican-led Congress in the past year, I am feeling very protective of my brood and your. This is about our personal influence and the global influence of our country. Our dark underbelly is showing and it is rank. It's on us all to make this country great for all.


Artist Statement

Our lives are all so busy with what feels like constant motion. Through my portraits, I am collecting moments that show a beautiful, ordinary scene in a very intimate way. I explore two main themes. The first centers on capturing the intensity of the teenage years of my children, their strong emotions, gender issues and their use of technology. Having both a son and a daughter, I have a front row seat; I witness how they and their challenges differ per their personalities and genders. Often reactions fall right down stereotypical lines and other times I am surprised. Hand in hand with painting about my children is exploration of my own identity as a mother/wife/woman and how my roles are ever changing right long side. I paint modern “selfies”, use female models, and even portraits of my husband to create self-portraits of my experience. Where we are right now as a family can be challenging, fun, manic, loving, heart breaking but above all, it is full of emotion. Whether or not the viewer can interpret our story, my hope is that they are able to feel that depth of emotion poured into every brush stroke.