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  • Abend Gallery 1412 Wazee Street Denver, CO, 80202 United States (map)

I am thrilled to have gotten a painting into this annual juried show at Abend Gallery in Denver, CO. Such a fantastic group of artists- if you are in the area, go see what will be a great show! If not, you can visit Abend’s website and even purchase online.


November 3rd - November 24th, 2018

Opening reception: November 3rd, 6-9pm

In its 28th year running, this November the Annual Holiday Miniatures Show at Abend is an exhibition for everyone. With work from a wide range of artists, from emerging to well-established, and spanning multiple genres, art appreciators of all types will delight in this engaging and long-standing exhibition which fills the entire expansive gallery space with over 50 artists contributing anywhere from 200 to 300 original works of art. The exhibition will also afford art collectors the opportunity to add some very prominent signatures to their personal gallery at more modest prices. 

Given the wide range of subject matter and varying styles amongst the artists in the show, there will be much to see and many ideas to explore. The only parameter given to the artists are a size restriction (no larger than 80 sq. in., roughly 8x10”) which gives them plenty of room to explore and create powerful works of art. The smaller size parameters make the pieces more accessible in terms of collectability, especially for new purchasers hoping to start their art collection. The prices are wide ranging, providing collectors of all ages the ability to pick something up, and with the holidays right around the corner the timing couldn’t be better.

Participating Artists:
Zoa Ace, Rebecca Mason Adams, Jaclyn Alderete, Daevid Anderson, Mark Andrew Bailey, Elizabeth Barden, Joanna Barnum, Jim Beckner, Sarah Becktel, Kelly Birkenruth, Jérôme Birti,Lucas Bonani, Raymond Bonilla, Destiny Bowman, Linda Tracey Brandon, Dina Brodsky, Sue Bryan, Adam Burke, Ali Cavanaugh, Morgan Cameron, Jeremy Caniglia-Cox, Joshua Carlton, Todd Carpenter, Lorenzo Chavez, Mary Chiaramonte, Donavan Christie, Hilary Clarcq, Robin Cole, Michelle Condrat, Shaina Craft, Stephanie Deshpande, Jacob Dhein, Kathiucia Dias, Judith Dickinson, Marina Dieul, Jon Doran, Tenley DuBois, Matthew Alfonso Durante, Alpay Efe, Kim English, Natalia Fabia, DebiLynn Fendley, Barbara Fox, James Van Fossan, Leigh Ann Van Fossan, Nancy France-Vaz, Lisa Fricker, Mark Friday, Ann Gargotto, Jennifer Gennari, Jason Lee Gimble, Bruce A Gómez, Thane Gorek, Lindsey Bittner Graham, Tina Grant, Agnes Grochulska, Barbara Hack, Adam Hall, Johanna Harmon, Derek Harrison, Jennifer Hartzler, Dana Hawk, Stephanie Hartshorn, Jane Hunt, Mat Hurtado, Nicole Hyde, John Hyland, Cody Jimenez, Maria Jimenez, Mick Junco, David Kammerzell, Lorena Kloosterboer, Francien Krieg, Olga Krimon, Shawn Krueger, Jason Kowalski,Lindsey Kustusch, Shelli Langdale, Joshua Lawyer, Shana Levenson, Che Leviathan, MJ Lindo, Rachel Linnemeier, Daire Lynch, Ellen Starr Lyon, Luke Mack, Gayle Madeira, Nicolas Martin, Hyeseung Marriage-Song, Brian Mashburn, Gina Matarazzo, Heiko Mattausch, Jessica Smit Mattingly, Patrick Maxcy, Trey McCarley, Yvonne Melchers, Erin Milan, Hannah Moghbel, David Molesky, Josie Morway, Ryan Morse, Nadezda, Christopher O'Connor, Gage Opdenbrouw, Sandra Pratt, Susanna Ragel, Louis Recchia, Ximena Rendon, Rob Rey, Matthew Saba, Jason Sacron, Dave Santillanes, Hiroshi Sato, Kirsten Savage, Viktoria Savenkova, Daniel Segrove, David Shingler, Serupa Sidaarth, Tina Spratt, Elsa Sroka, Timothy Standring, Clyde Steadman, Victoria Steel, Annie Stegg, Brian Stephens, Sarah Stieber, Sybiline, Judy Takacs, Matt Talbert, John Tarantola, Delphyne V., Vakseen, Leah Waichulis, Tracy Wall, Daggi Wallace, Babs Webb, Julianna Wells, John Wentz, Nicole Williford, Anna Wypych, Drew Young, Kierstin Young, Zack Zdrale, Kaitlin Zeismer

Later Event: December 7
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